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reform and we don't have that much in the way of taxes. >> the dodd-frank financial regulations law. what can you tell us about that. >> it's like health care. a lot of republicans don't like it. these two ideas many think hedging risks was the head of the financial crisis. a lot of people including ben bernanke and the federal reserve chairman, their ability to do it again. they limit the ability of labor department to impose new standards, it will make them wait for the sec to react first. since the debt ceiling bill, is there a backlog bill up this week also? it's boring writing sometimes. but they do bipartisan bill as a result of both parties. >> he writes for the floor action >> so the house and senate votes will be postponed to 6:00: 30 p.m. eastern. later in the week, two bills with industry regulations. one would remove regulations on financial swaps. be back at 2:00 eastern debating the nomination of richard griffin jr. for relations board general counsel. he's a former union lawyer. a federal appeals court ruled that was invalid and he was removed after a year and a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1